This track is meant for cooperation, mutual help and support and collection of experience from novice users of the electronic diary program
"Phenomenalog" from version 19.6.0

As a member of this wiki, you can
a) open new discussions (f.ex. ask questions)
b) Comment on discussions (f.ex. answer questions)
c) Co-edit all the pages as f.ex. this
d) create new pages (but be careful to remember the name you give the page, because it comes not in the TOC to the left, but will only be found using the search box)

We have established a system where all new users can produce their own page where they can write about their private experiences
We have selected these new pages to be called "ABC" and then a number: ie ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 etc.for danish language users
and XYZ1, XYZ2, XYZ3 etc for english language users.
Thereby it becomes easy to find your own by typing your own XYZ + number in the search field in the left panel,.and thereby making it possible to maintain a slight degree of anonymity - (But you are welcome to write your name in the text, if you will).

And in this system it becomes easy for newcomers to look through the existing user pages by simply searching XYZ, and select for browsing.